Cudgel War in Aarnimetsä

This week our Baronesses have been visiting some of our northern cousins at Cudgel War in Aarnimetsä (Finland)! This year is particularly special, as Aarnimetsä celebrated their 30th anniversary! VIVAT! #KnightsCrossing #MySCA #Aarnimetsä #Drachenwald #SCA

Upcoming Activities in Knight’s Crossing

Polderslaughter has come and gone and Knight’s Crossing made a pretty good showing! Hopefully we will see some of our western cousins at Red & Gold! Only a month away! Please note also that the Two Seas gathering in July has had a location change, check the...

Upcoming Activities in Knight’s Crossing

📅June 2: Nähtag/Sewing Day in Turmstadt (Nürnberg and area) 📅June 8: Picknick & Kampftraining/Picnic & Practice in Passau (hosted by...

Upcoming Activities & Events

📅 May 19: Picnick & Kampftraining/Picnic & Practice in Turmstadt (Nürnberg & area) 📅June 9: Two Seas Kunst & Handwork Treffpunkt/Arts & Sciences Gathering (Hamburg and...

Bring Out Your Dead

Die SCA ist  u̶n̶t̶o̶t̶  lebendig und munter im Norden! Bring Out Your Dead kehrt diesen Herbst zurück!The SCA is u̶n̶d̶e̶a̶d̶ alive and well in the North! Bring Out Your Dead returns this fall!