December 13, 7:00pm: SCA-Bastelabend auf Deutsch!
Ein Online-Jitsi-Treffen, bei dem Menschen an ihren Projekten arbeiten und alles rund um SCA diskutieren können, komplett auf Deutsch.

December 28: Winterfest/Winter Feast in Turmstadt (Nürnberg and area)
A potluck gathering to end the year, in garb! Check out the link for more details.

January 12-14: Drachenwald 12th Night Coronation hosted by Knight’s Crossing (Münchsteinach, Germany)
Registration is now open!

January 26-28: Drachenwald Online Kingdom University
Take some excellent classes from the comfort of your own home! Sign ups for students and instructors is open!

March 8-10: Boot Camp hosted by Meadowmarsh (in Büdingen)
Registration is now open!

April 12-14: Arts in April hosted by Turmstadt
More information will available closer to the event.

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