Sept 2: Two Seas Social Night (Hamburg)
Come hang out and catch up with the members of Two Seas (and area). Medieval clothing encouraged but not required!

Sept 4: Turmstadt Medieval Crafting Evening (Nürnberg)
Bring any projects you want to work on, or come hang out and discuss future projects!

Sept 10: Picnic and Practice (Nürnberg and area)
Let’s meet to chatz eat and fight! Bring your armour, A&S projects and food!

Sept 15-17: Challenges of the West by Drei Eichen (Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany)
⚔️🎲Challenges of the West IV is an Event hosted by the Canton of Drei Eichen and the Shire of Roterde in the lovely lands of the most ancient Barony of Knights Crossing.
In our beloved realms we would like to gather all citizens and nobles for joy, laughter, games, contests, lectures and trials of strength
We will have a schedule of gaming, heavy fighting and if possible archery, classes and everything else we love in our society, checkout the schedule or get in touch with the event steward.

November 10-12: Kingdom University hosted by Knight’s Crossing (Münchsteinach, Germany)
This University event is going to have classes for many different topics! Event registration is open and teacher sign-up is also underway!

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