One of the joys of many in the SCA is creating beautiful scrolls recognizing the service, arts, sciences, and martial prowess of members.  This gift actually involves a lot of moving parts!  Here’s a simplified version of the process:

  1. Their Majesties receive award recommendations
  2. Event autocrats share attendance lists
  3. Their Majesties plan awards based on recommendations and attendees at events on Their royal progress
  4. Scroll requests are sent to the signet’s office
  5. The Signet works with scribes throughout the kingdom to create and send scrolls back to Their Majesties
  6. Who recognize the many amazing people of Drachenwald with award and scroll.

In a perfect world, there would always be plenty of time between each of those steps, plenty of scribes, no delayed mail, no missing attendees, etc.  Unfortunately, that’s not always how it works – and that’s when the backlog signet’s office comes in to play.

When a reign ends, the Signet’s office looks at the list of scroll requests from the reign for any not given out during that reign for whatever reason.  That list is then sent to the Backlog Signet’s office. 

The backlog signet works with scribes who may have scrolls still in process or still in transit, as well as issuing new assignments, to complete scrolls and get them delivered to so many awesome folks in Drachenwald.  But we need your help to do it!

  • If you’re missing a scroll from an award fill out this form:  or email the backlog signet at .  At a minimum – we’ll need SCA name, award, date given and by which crown.  More information is always welcome!  The basics can be found on the OP (here:
  • If you are a scribe with backlog assignments / scrolls you’re still working on – please let us know as well! This form or via email as above.
  • If you would like an assignment or want to try out scribal arts – please reach out!  Backlogs are a wonderful way to try without feeling time pressure, and I’d be happy to help you learn.

– Ellisif Gydasdottir, mka Libby Cripps

Backlog Signet Deputy