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Dances and Celebrations
Research/translation/reconstruction of 15th c. and 16th c. Italian, French, English and Burgundian dances and celebrations

Mistress Judith has been so kind to put together some cheat sheets for Drachenwald's favourite dances and make them available for everyone:

Double Bransle Suite: Double, Single, Burgundian, Gay    From Thoinot Arbeauís Orchesographie, 1589
Montard Bransle    also from Thoinot Arbeau
Bransle de la Haye    Circle dance from a manual by a French priest whose penname was Thoinot Arbeau
Petits Vriens    From a manual by Guglielmo Ebreo (William the Jew), an Italian dance master of the mid 15th c.
Ly Bens Dystonis    English manuscript, dated ca. 1500
Amoroso    documented in Guglielmo Ebreoís De Practica seu Arte Tripudii, 1463
La Chirintana    15th c. Italian dance

Clothing/accessories/patterning/research/construction of:
15th c. Italy and Burgundy, men and women, all classes
14th c., European, men and women
13th c., central Europe, men

15th c. Non-ecclesiastical embroidery

Lady Judith de Northumbria has been made a member of the Order of the Laurel at Arthurian Riddle Quest 2006 in the Shire of Meadowmarsh. More pictures of this joyful occasion can be found in our gallery.


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