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Baronial Investiture

Baronial Investiture of Knight´s Crossing

July 12th to 14th 2013

As Baron Gottfried and Baroness Magdalena of Knight's Crossing move on to other endeavors, venturing where life takes them, it is time to meet their heirs. Their Excellencies have searched high and low for the couple who most fits their ideals. Heirs that will bring the Barony into the next era. That couple has been found. Join us as they are invested on their thrones. Celebrate the joyous occasion in the beautiful hills of Vielburgen. The striking view from the glorious ruins of Burg Rupprechtseck will harken you back to days of grandeur and glory past, as we move forward to ours.


Site: Burg Ruprechtseck, Bergstrasse 12, 67808 Ruppertsecken
Secondary Site: Manse Lewenstein, Haupstrasse 23, 67808 Ruppertsecken
Site opens Friday 1600 and closes Sunday 1400

Adult Weekend 25€, Kids 6-13 15€, Kids under 6 free
Adult Day tripper 20€, Kids 6-13 day tripper 10€
Family cap 2 adult, 2 and more Kids 80€

There is crash space available, please bring your own bedding (air mattress). There is also space for camping. Hotel rooms are available right beneath the site. The cost for the hotel are 22,00€ per night and person including breakfast. The hotel has five double rooms and one single room. We do have 4 holyday flats in town, costs are about 50,00€ per night. About 5km away is a hotel called Bastenhaus www.bastenhaus.de For hotel, crash space or holyday flat please contact Lord Konrad (this is also possible using the registration from below). Help preparing the site and cleaning on Sunday is very welcome.

Event Team
Event Steward:
Countess Judtih de Northumbria (Rachel Lorenz)
Zum Steckengarten 21
63322 Rödermark
phone: +49 -(0)6074-2118045

Co Steward:
Himiltrude fan Austrasia,
(Cathrin Sportello-Loomis)

Food coordinator:
Baroness Magdalena Grace Vane

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